The following testimonial was submitted on 28th May 2010 by Paul & Jackie Black.

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“The pictures really don’t do it justice…”


Past the solid door and through the limestone arch, our eyes gradually readjusting

We step through our temporary portal.

From dazzling spring sun into the cool cream interior.

We note the ancient ferns, and other shading leaves.

We smell the stone, the refreshing fragrance of the newly watered plants.

Scented candles, underline the exotic quality to the air.


We are here.

But here is a different place.

The tracery of the stonework and the arches calling us to rest,

To accept sanctuary,

To feel safe in this citadel, this age old bastion.


Outside, the historic bells ring.

Inviting us to rest, to recreate ourselves in this different place.


It is now. But a now enriched with ancient echoes.


The cool cream and white interior reflects the limestone outside.

The décor is stylish with a focused sense of history, form, function.

Unpretentious quality and a space made to feel just right.

That table, just right. Those lamps, what better. The pictures and prints, how appropriate. Each detail reflecting the sense of place.


Here and now. But a more relaxed here. A less stressful now.


Nothing missing. They betray a confident and unerring eye for detail,

A deep desire to create a space for the weary to unwind.

Everything prepared for us.


We arrive late. But our hosts’ greeting is bright and fresh. This is not just a business transaction. This is sharing their home, their vision, their hospitality.


The unexpected welcome of fruit, cooling wine and welcome pack of local foods.


We are here, at our temporary new home.

It is now, time to unwind and relax and be inspired.



Thank you